A short note about Ambassador Susan Rice – and her work in South Sudan


It is no secret that I have been hard on Ambassador Susan Rice about her 5 appearances on the Sunday morning shows with the bizarre story about a video…followed by 73 days of silence until she met behind closed doors with US Senators.  I think, had she been nominated for Secretary of State, that she would and should have gotten a tough grilling in a confirmation hearing to find out her role in this Benghazi misinformation.

In her letter to the President asking to have her name withdrawn from consideration, she blames others for her situation and she mentions the term ‘politicize.’  She also refers to a scrutiny of her role as “irresponsible distraction.”

I don’t agree that questions about her in this Benghazi investigation are/ were  ‘politicizing’ — nor questioning her role as a “irresponsible distraction.”  She is the one who put herself right into this serious matter and she gave a weird explanation to the American people that she did not correct for 73 days.  She is the one, with her incorrect story and her failure to correct it for 73 days,  who created an “irresponsible distraction.”  She should accept responsibility for her actions – not blames others.

We just wanted the truth.  We didn’t want to be spun.   When you have 4 dead Americans,  the Administration  should not be dragging its feet answering questions or even telling silly versions (or not correcting the versions once they realize they are silly.)   To do so, to quote Amb Rice, creates an “irresponsible distraction.”  She had a job to step up and play it straight – and it took her 73 days.  Why?

However, I do want to mention one thing.  I have spoken to someone who I respect and knows from personal experience what Ambassador Susan Rice has done for South Sudan and the people fleeing Sudan (Nuba Mountains.)  She gets very, very, very, very high praise from my friend for what she has done and is doing to help the people of the Nuba Mountains and South Sudan.  Without her help, the suffering, I am told, would be much worse.


PS – Ambassador Susan Rice was not nominated by the President for Secretary of State, so why is she withdrawing her name in a letter to the President? t