Congress closing up for the weekend (yes, I know….it is Thursday and not Friday…hhm…)

View of the Capitol from Russell Senate Office Building

It is indeed true that the fiscal cliff problem needs to be solved – at this point – by Speaker Boehner and President Obama (and not yet the rest of Capitol Hill.)  But I like the idea of Congress staying in town and putting pressure on the Speaker and the President by mere presence.   Pressure is provided by mere presence – it shows seriousness of purpose –  and pressure is not applied by going home on a Thursday for a 3 day weekend (even if going home means doing some work in the home districts which is probably true for most members of Congress.)  Perception and setting the right examples matter.  A 3 day weekend doesn’t exactly send the right message.   This is a different time than other weekends throughout the year.

Am I wrong? 

Below is from FNC Chad Pergram

Urgent: Last vote of the week coming within an hour in the House, members to depart for weekend

Per Pergram-Capitol Hill

This is it. Final votes for the week with members leaving town. No deal in site.

We’ll have tape of the jailbreak from the Capitol within the hour.

Granted, things can occur off-stage. And remember, the discussions are strictly between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). So until they sound the alarm, these members really aren’t needed much.


Chad Pergram
FOX News
Senior Producer for Capitol Hill