Here is letter from someone who says I am dead wrong about the special treatment being asked for by 17 Democratic Senators

To be fair….I am posting a letter that a viewer who disagrees with me sent his Senator (and just sent me.)

(As an aside, we would not be having any of these disagreements if Congresspersons and Senators and Presidents had done their jobs and been GOOD STEWARDS OF OUR NATION’S ECONOMY.  We are in this mess to a great extent because of the failure of our leaders.)

I still hold my position (but will review further to be fair) and regret that the new tax hurts him and his business.

The fact that so many Democratic Senators voted FOR this tax (as well as all the other new fees and taxes) and now want to carve out a special exemption bothers me. Why the special deal? Many are hurting who don’t get a deal.  Did the Democratic Senators not read the law before they voted FOR it? Did they just robotically vote? What about all the other hardship cases out there?  The ones who don’t have high paid lobbyists?


Dear Senator Lautenberg:


We are in desperate need of your immediate help!


I have a small medical device manufacturing company here in NJ.  We are struggling to keep good manufacturing jobs here in NJ and the US.  The new Medical Device Excise Tax being imposed on Jan. 1, 2013 will be a DEVASTATING blow to our company.  Since it is based on gross revenues, and our profits are already so squeezed by foreign competition, this tax is a SEVERE hardship – especially to a small company like ours.  It also decimates potential investment in new technologies we are developing.  I have several patents on new medical devices, which could bring more jobs to NJ and the US, but investors are fleeing the medical device area because of the unfavorable conditions we are facing, like this new tax.


PLEASE, Senator, help me, my employees and our families by repealing this new, unfair and burdensome tax.  It is already a struggle to keep our company going as a manufacturer in NJ and the US, this new tax could be the death knell for us!  And, I know of many other small and medium medical device companies here in NJ that would be similarly severely affected.


I would be pleased to discuss this with you at any time.  I truly hope and pray that you can help us by repealing this new and unfair tax which is only being imposed on our industry and none other.