Senate Democrats prove to you they are for sale and the system is rigged against you! Watch the interview of Rep Kristi Noem posted here on Gretawire at 11:42 last night! This should set your hair on fire!


By the way, according to reports, this industry has 30 BILLION in profit.  Does an industry making 30 BILLION profit need a special deal?   Where is YOUR special deal?

If the medical device business should not have this tax, why did these Democrats vote FOR it?  Was it because they were trying to look like they were fair? is it because they never bothered to read the law before they voted FOR it?  is it because since they voted for it the lobbyists have poured money into their campaigns?

Now the nitpicking happens….and if it is politicians’ friends who have to pay, they cut a special deal for them?  This is why ‘across the board’ works — no special deals.