Reverend Franklin Graham checking out the playground at the new Greta Home and Academy in Haiti

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The pic was taken by Paul Sherar.

I just got back to the USA – after spending Friday night covering the tragedy in Connecticut and rushing to Haiti early Saturday morning for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Greta Home and Academy.  I had promised I would be there for the children in Haiti and I wanted to keep that promise.  When needed, and when I have made a promise, I can operate on zero sleep.

What a contrast between Friday night in Connecticut and Saturday in Haiti – and a disturbing one.  I went from gripping pain, cruelty and grief to hope in a country consume with despair.  I looked at the little kids in Haiti – all the same age as the kids in Connecticut….and all excited with their futures bright because of the education and protection they will receive from Samaritan’s Purse at the Greta Home and Academy — and I could not help thinking of the children, the same age, gunned down 24 hours earlier in Connecticut.  I am so pleased to help the children in Haiti but have a broken heart for those in Connecticut.