This is the old Greta Home and Academy building …. (and it is a million times better than how most live in Haiti but you will understand why the new building is so wonderful!)

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 11.36.30 AM

(pics by Paul Sherar)

Most of the Greta Home and Academy kids (from ages 2-10) lived on the streets prior to meeting up with Samaritan’s Purse and Reverend Franklin Graham.  They were abandoned.  No one cared about them.   Others who did not come directly from wandering the streets were just dumped off at Greta Home when word got out about Greta Home.  All the kids – before Greta Home –  suffered the same: no food…no adults…no clothes …no nothing.   Some of the kids are products of rape in the Displaced Persons Camps after the earthquake of 2010.  The mothers gave birth and just left them there.  Each story is worse than the next.

Upon seeing a grave need, Samaritan’s Purse and Reverend Franklin Graham jumped into action.  They grabbed whatever buildings they could to provide shelter and  help these kids in this huge and widespread emergency (this picture!)  And in Haiti?  There is not much to pick from!  Finding shelter for these kids was not easy.  The kids also needed food and adults.  They needed to be safe – Haiti is a very dangerous place.  Everyone  knew these kids needed help and everyone pitched in.  Samaritan’s Purse and others cleaned up the filth in the buildings, gave the children a home,  and began to look towards the future.

If you have been scrolling on GretaWire, you have seen the spectacular new building for Greta Home and Academy – running water, electricity, food, beds, education, computers, play areas, soon to be soccer field, teachers, cooks, dining room, uniforms, interpreter etc. that we opened on Saturday.

A representative from the US Embassy came to our ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday and said it is the BEST building in all of Haiti!  He was stunned at how great it is!

Compare this dorm room below with the new beautiful dorm rooms at Greta Home that are posted here on GretaWire.  As bad as the pics look below (and especially compared to the new Greta Home), the rooms below is a palace from living on the street eating dirt and leaves.  Most people in Haiti don’t even live this well!  And of course Samaritan’s Purse filled the area with love.