The ARB unclassified report about Benghazi is weak – it says nothing new or that a reasonable person would not have already known from the mere fact the murders occurred at a US Consulate!

If you didn’t know that security was lax and that there was a failure to provide adequate security by the State Department at the Benghazi Consulate after 4 Americans were murdered, there is something wrong with you.  Four murders is a tip off that security is bad.  

I had expected – and hoped – that after more than 90 days since Sept 11 we would have REAL answers about WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN.  That is what an investigation is supposed to produce – information about WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN and not a bunch of vague remarks about what we already knew from the mere fact that 4 were murdered in the Consulate.

Think about it – we have more information from the Connecticut Police investigation about what happened in Connecticut 4 days ago than we have from the ARB investigative report after 90 days.

And by the way, no investigation is any good without going to the location and seeing it, asking questions etc.  Did the ARB go to Benghazi? or not?  

And I hate to pile on in the face of great tragedy — but we need answers to real questions so that we can do better next time to protect our fellow Americans  This report does not do that.  It is way too vague.

What do you think?

My only hope is that the CLASSIFIED report is complete.

[PS – the two quotes in the ARB report, one from George Santayana in 1905 the other from an eye witness to a mob siege in 1967 is just plain weird.  An investigative report is not supposed to be a piece of literature that we fancy up with quotes from almost 50 years ago and more than 100 years ago.   That is just plain weird.  We need facts, facts, facts and more facts.]