Benghazi Senate hearing testimony highlights so far …

Below are notes emailed me by FNC’s Kara Rowland.  The notes are from testimony in the Senate Foreign Relations Benghazi hearing that started a short time ago.


Some testimony highlights:

Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns:
-We took three actions after Benghazi: We took immediate steps to protect our people and our posts; we intensified diplomatic campaign aimed at combating terrorism in North Africa; Secretary Clinton ordered an investigation into what happened
-We learned some very hard and painful lessons in Benghazi. We are already acting on them. We have to do better.

Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Thomas R. Nides:
-With the Department of Defense, we deployed five Interagency Security Assessment Teams – made up of Diplomatic and military security experts – to 19 posts in 13 countries… unprecedented cooperation between our Departments at a critical time.
-We’re also partnering with the Pentagon to send 35 additional detachments of Marine Security Guards – that’s about 225 Marines – to medium and high threat posts, where they will serve as visible deterrents to hostile acts. This is on top of the approximately 150 detachments already deployed.
-We are realigning resources in our 2013 budget request to address physical vulnerabilities and reinforce structures wherever needed, and to reduce the risks from fire.
-And let me add: We may need your help in ensuring we have the authority to streamline the usual processes and produce faster results.
-We’re seeking to hire more than 150 additional Diplomatic Security personnel – an increase of 5 percent – and to provide them with the equipment and training they need. -As the ARB recommended, we will target them squarely at securing our high threat posts.

Kara Rowland
Capitol Hill producer, Fox News