Love animals? Consider donating to PetConnect Rescue this holiday season! I will match the first $1,000 that is raised by everyone contributing to reach the $1000 goal — so take the challenge!


NOTE: I posted this challenge last Friday but then breaking news rightfully captured all our attention.  I got a thank you note today from Pet Connect for helping them in 2012 and I thought I should tell you all since GretaWire bloggers have been very, very generous to PetConnect.  I love PetConnect – every dollar you gives goes to the pets since the workers are all volunteers.

  I decided to put this challenge again in case any of you wanted to get involved.  So read below and help if you want:


Check out the letter below from PetConnect Rescue. If you have a few dollars to spare and want to help animals, they are a great organization to donate to! 

And I’ll help out, too…if you all donate TOGETHER a total of $1,000, I will match it!  So every dollar helps towards reaching your collective goal of $1000.00…if 200 of you give $5, you will meet this challenge and I will contribute $1,000.  Of….100 of you need to contribut $10….and then we will reach the challenge.   Everyone pitching works towards reaching the goal.

CLICK HERE to donate to PetConnect Rescue!