SLAM? BLAST? THOSE ARE NOT MY WORDS….MY WORDS WERE: “I DON’T AGREE WITH THEM” – that is different from slam or blast

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Many media outlets have picked up on my GretaWire posting about my “disagreement” over descriptions of Hillary Clinton’s illness and taken it one step further (I think)  into a “SLAMMING” of my colleagues or a “BLASTING.”   Not at all.  I said “I disagree.” Their headlines overstate it.  My headline says what I meant: disagree.

If they think my written statement on GretaWire of disagreement (that is the word I used) is a ‘slamming,’ or ‘blasting,’ they should see when I really ‘slam ‘or ‘blast.’  They should talk to my husband.  :)

Below is the actual headline on the Greta Wire posting.  I wrote that I “don’t agree” and that is what I meant.  (Incidentally, in my own house we don’t always agree on everything but not every disagreement is personal or a slam or a blast! It is just a disagreement.)

Even the term ‘tad bit’ might have been a tip off that I was not slamming or blasting but ..yes, disagreeing.

Below is how news organizations took my headline and posting further and characterized it as a slam and a blast.

First, the “slam”

Second, the “blast”




Another headline has me “knocking” –



In retrospect….it really does show you the limitation of the written word (or my failure to write clearer.)  I really meant, as stated: I disagree.  That’s all.  I like to be able to disagree and have good debate.  I don’t find all disagreements fatal or declarations of war – or slams or blasts.  I don’t dislike people with whom I can disagree from time to time.

If you know me, and if you read that posting in my voice, you would not see anger (slam or blast.)  You would see/read a strong view about the need for all the facts in the Benghazi investigation.  We don’t have them. 

I can see how if you don’t know me, or if you don’t know my state of mind at the time of the posting, you might read more into the posting as some have obviously done so.  I need to write better so that others understand me better.  This is my failing.

Frankly I would have expected my strong views expressed in that particular posting on the failure thus far to get answers to the Benghazi murder to have had a bigger impact than my  ‘disagreement.’

PS – I am now taking a look at myself to see if I do this, too.