You GretaWire bloggers are the best!! (but you already knew that, right?)

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Thank you very, very, very much!  You all are wonderful and have giant hearts!  I love you!! You met the challenge!  Take a bow!

I told you here on GretaWire that if you all joined together and donated to Pet Connect Rescue and that your combined contributions raised $1,000 for Pet Connect Rescue, that I would match the $1,000.

…did you meet the mark?  Yes!

With your combined contributions and my now $1,000 (I have paid up as promised!), we have raised $7,000 for PetConnect Rescue.

The money came in all denominations – from small amounts to larger amounts!  No contribution is too small and none is too big…and it is never to late to give.  All contributions are needed and appreciated!

You have no idea how important this money is to Pet Connect.  100 % goes to the pets — for vet bills and food.

The people who work at Pet Connect are all volunteers so you are not paying for salaries or luxury cars or dinners.

Every dime you contribute goes to the rescued pets.  Thank you very much for meeting the challenge…and if you have not donated, and you still want to: