FNC’s Shannon Bream: ‘no injunction for largest employer challenging HHS contraception’

Shannon Bream

Below is from Shannon:

The 10th Circuit has refused to grant Hobby Lobby an injunction against having to comply with the HHS contraception mandate. HL is the largest employer challenging the mandate, and says it will now appeal to SCOTUS. Keep in mind, even if SCOTUS took up the injunction request – it would only be deciding whether to give HL a temporary reprieve – not the full merits of the HHS mandate itself.


If HL is not granted an injunction, it does not plan to comply with the mandate. The company says that would cost it $1.3M a day in fines.


There are currently 40+ cases pending against the mandate. SCOTUS has yet to step in to the fray.


Shannon D. Bream – sent via Blackberry