Senator John Kerry – good choice for Secretary of State

John Kerry

Senator John Kerry has lots of experience in the area of foreign affairs having been Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Experience matters.

The job of Secretary of State is a very delicate one — having relationships with others around the world is very important.  It is true some Secretaries have to start from scratch (and have served us well) but it always helps a bit to have some relationships from day one.  Reinventing the wheel is not always easy – especially in these difficult times.  Senator Kerry does have these relationships.

Many Republicans will not like this choice but a Republican was never going to be nominated by a Democratic President so you have to step back and think, what Democrat has the most experience for this job?

(And some trivia — and some behind the scenes: at the Democratic Convention I watched as Senator Kerry graciously posed for pictures with young people who work at Fox News Channel.  They were all excited to be in a pic with a former nominee for US President.  He could not have been nicer or more gracious to them.  It was very late and he was headed to his hotel room but he still took the time and stopped to talk to them and ask them questions about themselves.)