Beware of the media sheep!

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It is one thing to have the same opinion or same ideas — that of course happens – but it is another to be a member of the media sheep, just listening to each other, repeating what each other says because they are part of the media pack and thus lack an original thought or observation.


How do you tell a media sheep? What is the test?  Here is one tip – they all use the same terms to identify the same thing at the same time – when it is more than just a coincidence.  A good example is when everyone in the media last spring suddenly used the term ‘pivot.’ Another example is after Congressman Ryan was chosen as Gov Romney’s running mate, you could identify the media sheep since they all used the term “bold.” What are the odds they are all using the same terms?


Why do I bother with this posting? Just a random thought as I was thinking how important a free press is to our democracy and that sometimes the ‘group think’ or the ‘sheep membership’ shackles journalists intellectually.  Critical thought, independent thought, and individual reflection is valuable.


What do you think?