Looking back at 2012 — our trip to Sudan and South Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham

sudan 17795

These little girls were starving when we saw them in April.  The child in her sister’s arms most certainly had malnutrition — you could lift her skin off her bones and her hair had that orange tint to it that you see with malnutrition.  The chances that these girls are alive today are slim …probably zero.  There were so many children just like them – everywhere you looked, people fleeing their own President.

It is absolutely horrible.  Sudan’s President Bashir is bombing his own people — leaving them starving and hiding in caves.  These people were not hurting him or anyone else.

In April Griff Jenkins and I traveled with Reverend Franklin Graham to Sudan and South Sudan.  You have seen many of the pics here …and as I look back at 2012, this 2012 trip has left a huge impression on me.

The boy below was hiding / living in a cave while President Bashir sent his bombers overhead looking to kill him and his family: