confession 18884

When everyone in the campaign press pool arrived in Gdansk, Poland with Governor Romney in August, we all raced to the media filing center so we could send our campaign news reports back to our news organizations in USA.  Well…as everyone was madly trying to communicate back to the USA with the little amount of time we had to send our reports back, the power in the media room went down and all the press groaned and got flipped out (you need power to send  your reports back to the USA.)  It was a nightmare and disrupted everyone.  Everyone was so busy trying to get it solved that no one asked who blew out the power.  Well…now that it is about 6 months later…. I will confess for Fox News Channel.   We were the ones who blew out the power.  Apparently our adapters or power converters were not the right ones and took down everyone’s power when we plugged in.   As soon as we plugged in, it sparked, smell of burning electricity and all power went out in the room for everybody.   The power was restored a short time later…but no one ever knew the guilty parties and we did not confess.  I confess for us now.  I snapped these pics just seconds before we blew the power out for everyone in every news organization.  (PS many thanks to everyone in the traveling press from other news organizations for not getting mad at us or insisting on finding the guilty party.)