I saw FNC’s Ed Henry on our air this morning — 5am his time in Hawaii — and he sent me this pic of the sun coming up

photo copy 2

In many ways our jobs are glamorous….but there is a downside that you all don’t see.  On balance, it is all good.  But think about the behind the scenes:  first, in order for Ed to cover the President and be on the air during daytime hours on the Mainland, he has to be up at all hours.  You don’t get much sleep when you are in a faraway time zone.  This morning Ed was on our air at 5am Hawaii time which meant he was probably up at 3am (and he has been there such a short time that he is probably jet lag’d.)  He also has a long day ahead of himself – he just arrived in Hawaii the other day and tonight, after appearing on our air during the 7pm east coast time…he packs up, heads to the airport and hops a red eye flight back to Washington because the President is also leaving.  Ed is not on Air Force One but a commercial flight.  The flight is probably 6 hours to LA — and if he is lucky, just a refuel in LA for a 6 hour flight to DC.  If he is unlikely, he has to change planes in LA which adds at least 2 hours to his trip.  But…yes, it is still is an exciting job but not always fun. It can be physically grueling. 

Once he gets back to DC, he has to cover all the fiscal cliff discussion which means he has to be on top of the story (and it is complicated and changing by the minute) and looking fresh on the air.