Investigating NBC’s David Gregory? Really? Can we be any sillier?

David Gregory

I don’t know if NBC’s David Gregory violated the law or not by showing what appeared to be a 30 round magazine during Meet the Press last Sunday….but is it really worth the time to investigate him?  How much time and money is going to be spent (wasted) investigating him?  Can you think of a sillier use of investigative resources?   

I will bet my right arm David Gregory is not going to go out and commit some crime with that magazine…or that he intended to flaunt the law (if it was against the law.)  At worst, it was a stupid TV stunt (and so what!)  And yes, we are all capable of stupid TV stunts! 

I have seen many of your comments and stories suggesting that he was told it was illegal — I don’t know if that is true or not….if he did, it was stupid.   If he didn’t know, it is nasty people are saying that.  

More importantly, I do know how valuable police resources are. We need to utilize good judgment which means using very limited police resources wisely.

 We have so many serious issues of violence in this country — and even here in DC on our dangerous streets — that it is bizarre to me that anyone would spend (waste) 5 minutes investigating NBC’s David Gregory for this.

This is not about whether you like David Gregory or not…whether you agree with him or not…whether you like his show or not…..this is about the exercise good police judgment.