An ON THE RECORD at 10pm viewer just sent this email to me after listening to the President speak — do you agree with this viewer or not?

Here is the email (minus the name of the sender):

Apparently we all look really stupid. Loved Obama’s line about how it has to get done now and how frustrated he was with it. He didn’t look frustrated well before the election when it could have been done. He didn’t look frustrated in Hawaii just a couple of days ago….This taking it to the last minute stuff is like the story of the little boy who yelled “Wolf ” when one wasn’t there too many times. Now we are no longer afraid of the wolf! Let it happen ad then they will finally do something for we will be in dire straights and that is the only thing that will finally put the people first and the party later….The line ” frustrated about the work that gets done in this town” by the president should have been “Frustrated by the work that DOSEN’T GET DONE” in this town!

this government and its leaders remind me of alcoholics that have to hit rock bottom before they start working their way back up. If that is what it takes lets just do it for talk is cheap!