QUESTION FOR YOU: RADIO show via GretaWire? Is it possible?

A question for you tech wizards — would it be possible to create something like call in radio show on GretaWire? Is there software to do that?  Rather than do via radio — do via GretaWire?  Could I interview guests remotely (not with me), could you listen to that interview and could you also phone in questions to ask that guest much like a radio show?  It would have to be simple since I do the GretaWire content myself (no giant staff!) 

I heard a radio show driving home last night after OTR at 10pm and I thought it would be fun to do a radio show. The interview caught my attention and I loved the call in listener input.

Rather than jump through a million hoops to try and get a radio show from Fox or someone else, I thought I would ask you if there is a simple way to do it via GretaWire.