Maybe President Obama doesn’t get it??? He just signed an executive order raising the pay on Federal employees!

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This is symbolism.  It shows President Obama doesn’t care about spending – or that he has a very, very, very tin ear.

My guess? I don’t think the President ‘gets it.’  He signed an executive order the other day giving a pay raise to Federal employees.  Yes, the pay raise is small (very small ) – but that is not the point.  Any raise is symbolically bad.  Why would he give anyone a pay raise now?  Spend MORE money? It is the message he is sending by any raise whatsoever.  Why would he order a pay raise at this time to people who are lucky to have jobs?  Imagine how the unemployed feel hearing that he is raising the pay on Federal employees who already have good jobs with good job security ?  Federal employees are not privately employed – but paid by the taxpayers – and taxpayers right now are facing a tax increase while the President comes up with another way to spend money.

It is the message…it shows he just doesn’t get this one.

What do you think?




Despite what a Bloomberg Businessweek article characterized as “the nation’s worst economic slump in seven decades,” Barack Obama has issued an executive order granting pay increases for his second-in-command Joe Biden, Congress, and a number of federal judicial posts.


While the percentage of the hikes are not necessarily significant – ½ of 1% on average – the propriety of them under the circumstances are drawing fire from the opposition.


Pundits primarily believe the idea of lifting  CLICK HERE