Nuba Mountains and Darfur! A contact of mine sent me this summary of Sudan’s President’s inflicted pain and death on his people since Dcember 14

See the summary below sent to me (of course I can not verify but can only tell you the information sent before by this person I have known to be correct.)


5 students from Darfur were killed and hundreds have been arrested, beaten and tortured
– 5 separate airstrikes have hit regions in Darfur, killing at least 3 and wounding 5
– 10 women were raped in Blue Nile, 9 were killed
– 40 displaced persons in Darfur were harmed and 2 killed due to armed attacks
– 50 have been wounded and between 8 and 28 were killed in fighting between Sudan and South Sudan on the border
– 68 bombs were dropped on civilians in the Nuba Mountains, killing 5 adults and 2 children
– 82 from the Nuba Mountains are still held in Band 14 military prison where many have already died from torture, hunger and disease
– 113 in Blue Nile were arrested, many were tortured
– 350 homes were set on fire in the Nuba Mountains and 500 families were displaced in one attack

– 1,432 people from 31 countries* have signed the petition calling for Civilian Protection in Sudan