Speaker Boehner got standing ovation? Vice President Biden finds possible path out of fiscal cul de sac?

Fiscal Cliff

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The short-hand.


· They failed to advance any potential deal to solve the fiscal cliff

· Failed to resolve the farm bill

· Failed to resolve the standoff over the emergency spending bill for Sandy.


I was told within the house that there is still some chatter between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Vice President Biden this evening about a path out of this fiscal cliff cul-de-sac.


House Republicans met in their conference meeting this evening, giving House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) a standing ovation. Emerging from the meeting, members, almost to a T, all turned the criticism on the Senate and said that they House cannot act until the Senate moves first.


Also, three versions of a farm bill extension remain on revved up, ready to go. The biggest worry is the end of the dairy compact…which could send milk prices skyrocketing. But not for a while. An expiration of the farm bill means the U.S. returns to 1949 law…which could double the price of milk. However, implementing such an ancient law would take weeks. So don’t expect to pay double just to put milk on your Cheerios come Tuesday.


There is a chance that the House could consider some sort of modified extension of the farm bill…or maybe….something specific to dairy. Remember, the Senate passed its version of the farm bill months ago. We still don’t have the House schedule for tomorrow at this hour. But it will meet at 9 am et.


Also expect a GOP Conference meeting at some point tomorrow.


The Senate is in at 11 am. Look for remarks off the top from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and McConnell. We doubt they will have caucus/conference meetings before 11 am.


Also, as Ed Henry has reported…it is possible they could POSSIBLY dispatch Vice President Biden to the Hill if they seem like they are getting close to a fiscal cliff deal. But that is a long way away.


Finally, there has been some chatter this evening about potentially crafting a narrow emergency spending bill for hurricane Sandy. The Senate completed its big bill on Friday. The House could always do something that covers just a few billion dollars…




If they ever get a deal on the fiscal cliff, that provision could be loaded onto that package.



Chad Pergram

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill

FOX News