Here is why Congressman (soon to be Senator) Tim Scott (R/South Carolina) voted NO

Tim Scott


Future Senator from SC Statement on voting no:



Washington – Congressman Tim Scott (R-SC) issued the following statement in regards to tonight’s fiscal cliff vote.


“I want to thank the leadership of both the House and Senate for the efforts they put forth to try and find a solution the past few days. While I did not agree with the results, their efforts have been commendable.


Since the House passed legislation extending the current tax rates for all Americans earlier this year, I have been hopeful we would find a true solution to get our fiscal house back in order. We have a spending problem – aside from all the other components surrounding this situation, that should be clear to everyone.


Without question, I am happy that hard working, middle class Americans will not be faced with the prospect of the federal government taking more of their hard earned dollars out of their pockets. The mistakes of the past should not be balanced on their backs. But revenues have not been the problem, are not the problem, and will not be the problem.


It is easy to plan for today, today. It is a much tougher proposition to plan for tomorrow, today. However, that is what we must do. We cannot allow Washington’s out of control spending to continue. And that is what this deal does. For every dollar in spending cuts, there are 41 dollars in tax hikes. The can continues to be kicked down the road – a road that leads to our children’s and grandchildren’s future.


The bottom line here is we must start making tough, responsible decisions for our nation’s future. This deal doesn’t do that, and that’s why I do not support it. I remain optimistic we will get our nation’s spending back under control and our economy back on track, and I will continue working for common sense solutions to build a better nation for all Americans.”