If this doesn’t show how really messed up things are, nothing will – I am suspicious, how about you?

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In 2009 (more than 3 years ago!), a Boeing 737 (one of the most common commercial aircraft) had a serious incident — a hole tore open in flight.  You know that is not good.

So what is the evidence things are really messed up? 

Because even now – more than 3 years later as we all fly on these planes – the planes are not fully inspected.  The Federal Govt has ordered MORE inspections — obviously because there is still a problem — yet let all of us fly as passengers every day and have no idea about this hole, the state of inspections or why more are needed. 

Yes, I know…Boeing and everyone else (including the Fed Govt) are going to say these 737 planes are safe but then why the additional inspections ordered? Just so inspectors get practice inspecting? I don’t think so…what do YOU think?

US to seek more inspections of Boeing 737s

By DAVID KOENIG, AP Airlines Writer

Updated 4:46 pm, Monday, December 31, 2012

DALLAS (AP) — Federal safety officials said Monday they are ordering additional inspections of some Boeing 737 jets after a hole tore open in a Southwest Airlines plane during flight in 2009.


The Federal Aviation Administration said that it will seek more detailed inspections for cracks along the tops of the planes.


The FAA estimated that the cost of inspecting 109 older Boeing 737s will be about $5.2 million. The agency said it has no idea how many planes will need repairs.


The order will cover 737-300, -400 and -500 models of the popular passenger aircraft. Southwest’s entire fleet is Boeing 737s, although many are newer -700 and -800 models. The agency said repairs could cost up to $17,765 per plane, or $1.94 million for all 109 U.S.-registered planes covered by the order.