Note below from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office

Harry Reid

Subject: 113th Congress guidance


Here’s a bit of guidance purely for planning purposes on what happens when the 113th Congress convenes at 12 noon tomorrow, Thursday, January 3rd.


At noon, all Senators and Senators-elect should be on the floor. The Vice President will come to the chair. Newly elected and re-elected Senators line up in the back of the Chamber in alphabetical order by their last name. When they are called to be sworn in, they can proceed down the aisle with their fellow state senator, or be accompanied by a guest of their choosing.


After they proceed to the rostrum, the Vice President reads the oath, the Member is sworn in and signs the oath book. They get to keep the pen, and the new Members then get their official Senate pin (current members keep their existing pins).


Reenactment photos with the families will be taken in the Old Senate Chamber and are organized by the office of the Sergeant at Arms.