What do you think?

** I should add: I think everything that is non Sandy related (meaning the pork that others may have showed into it that has nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy) that is in this Sandy Relief Bill should be stripped from the bill for the vote.  Get Sandy bill (minus non Sandy stuff) a vote.  **

I think the Sandy Relief Bill should have been brought to the floor last night and voted on…..just as I think Senator Harry Reid should have brought a budget to the Senate Floor for vote.  Senator Harry Reid’s failure to do so has blocked the possibility of national budget.

How politicians vote on any particular issue is their business (and their constituents) — but there should be a vote. The process should not be blocked – either with the Budget or Sandy or any other important issue.

One other thing…traditionally, we Americans join together and help each other when something catastrophic happens.  That has been a good thing for our nation.