John Brennan is going to get heat at his confirmation hearing — see note below from FNC’s Catherine Herridge

Below is a email from FNC’s Catherine Herridge:

Adding to [FNC’s Ed Henry’s **] summary of the administration’s view —


Brennan has critics on the Hill and within the IC — a few points shared over the weekend from a former senior intelligence official.


– Brennan has been noticeably “missing in action” on Benghazi and he showed — what many believed to be disrespect and contempt — for congress during the 2010 investigation of AbdulMutullab and the failed underwear bomb plot.



Brennan’s comments in support of agency’s EIT program and Obama administration’s aggressive use of drones (especially Brennan’s briefings to reporters on administration strategy/justification) expected to provoke opposition from left.


As one critic noted – Brennan did not “build bridges” at CIA — and it is an open question whether he would be warmly welcomed.



Bottom line — Benghazi controversy, EIT program, drones loom large in confirmation hearings.