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Years ago on ON THE RECORD at 10pm (or was it at CNN, Burden of Proof?) we covered the story of missing little Rilya.  She has never been found – but presumed murdered.  She was one of those children totally neglected in the foster care system.  It is a total disgrace how the system treated (mistreated) this child.  First her own mother neglected her which is how she ended up in foster care, and then the foster care system neglected her…and she was murdered. Her foster mother  later admitted murdering her — 

AP Legal Affairs Writer

MIAMI (AP) — A third prison inmate has testified that a Florida woman admitted killing a young foster child who went missing more than a decade ago.

Ramona Tavia testified Tuesday that 66-year-old Geralyn Graham tearfully admitted the killing while the two shared a cell in 2003. Tavia says Graham said she did it to protect her live-in lover Pamela Graham.

Geralyn Graham faces life in prison if convicted of killing 4-year-old Rilya Wilson, whose body has never been found. Two other inmates also testified that Graham either confessed or provided details of the girl’s death.

The state’s case is likely to wrap up later Tuesday or Wednesday.

The defense will begin with testimony from investigators who were unable to find Rilya’s remains or any forensic evidence. It’s uncertain if Graham will testify.

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