This is pathetic — still investigating NBC’s David Gregory? Really?

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There are so many unsolved violent crimes in Washington, DC….so why in the world is anyone wasting even one second investigating NBC’s David Gregory for waving a gun magazine on the air on his news show?  They are still investigating Gregory and it has expanded to the DC Attorney General!

Investigations are about judgment and what is a good use of our limited resources.   Not every suspected infraction can be or should be investigated.  We have neither the time nor the resources – and some investigations can be just plain silly and a waste of money. 

Every day, in every state and city across the country, prosecutors exercise prosecutorial discretion and ‘no paper’ cases.  How about the exercise of discretion on this one?  As a DC taxpayer, I hate paying for silly stuff – I want the limited resources used wisely and chasing David Gregory is ‘silly stuff.’

I don’t know David Gregory very well (met him only a few times over the years) but I am willing to bet he is not going hit the streets after dark tonight and stick up one of us!  

If the DC police and the DC Attorney General have some extra time on their hands, I can give them some ideas of how to spend their time that is really helpful.  For starters, how about the still unsolved shooting of an accountant on Capitol Hill a few nights ago?  The accountant was parking his car when he was gunned down.  His killer is out there!  His killer could be looking for his next victim.  

So let me get this straight….with this known killer on our streets….the DC Police and Attorney General are spending time worrying about David Gregory waiving a gun magazine on a TV news show to make a point! This is pathetic…

“..The Washington, D.C. police department has finished investigating David Gregory, and said that the case is now in the hands of the District attorney general’s office…”