Look who Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussing her health with!

Sec Clinton and Pres Karzai help me pick out tie in market in Afghanistan

Below are notes from my FNC colleague Justin Fishel:

(By the way, the pic is dated — it was taken a few years ago when I traveled to Afghanistan with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  She was inside privately meeting with President Karzai and all of us in the media were just wandering through the crafts that were being sold outside the President’s palace.  As I was looking for a tie for my husband, I heard Secretary Clinton say, “Mr. President, I want you to meet Greta Van Susteren.”  I turned around, we were introduced and he asked what I was doing and I said I was looking for a tie.  He then helped me pick out a tie for my husband.  I thought, ‘how many people get the chance to get shopping help from the President of Afghanistan?”

1700 – Secretary Clinton meets with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, at the Department of State. POOL SPRAY (Fishel attends on behalf of pool)



We just finished shooting about 30 seconds of President Karzai and Secretary Clinton in her outside her office. Karzai was seated in a chair facing Clinton, who was seated on a couch. As we walked in they were in the middle of a discussion about her health. She described going in for MRIs and other tests. He then spoke about his own health, saying he had been running a fever and that he was dehydrated. Please refer to the tape for those exact comments. I tried to ask a question about the so called zero troop option but neither would respond. They did not make formal remarks.