Republican Senator Mike Lee’s harsh statement about President Obama’s appointment of Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary


Lee Statement on Nomination of Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary


WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee released the following statement regarding the nomination of Jack Lew to lead the Department of Treasury:


“As the country struggles with a painfully slow economic recovery, Washington needs leaders who are willing to support reforms that will put us on a sustainable fiscal path,” said Lee, a member of the Joint Economic Committee. “Unfortunately, the nomination of Jack Lew as Secretary of Treasury signals that the president will continue to pursue the same failed policies of the previous four years: higher taxes, more spending, and more debt.  It virtually guarantees the president willnot compromise on entitlement reform, and assures that the White House willfight to maintain the status quo of our deeply dysfunctional system.  At a moment when the president could have shown a willingness to work with Republicans to fix the challenges that face the country, he has instead moved in a disappointing direction.”


Communications Director

Brian Phillips