HAITI! Tune in tonight to the ON THE RECORD SPECIAL at 10pm – you will be inspired by how so many are trying to help to make it better!


Three years ago the earthquake struck troubled Haiti killing 300,000 and displacing millions and millions.  The number of orphans abandoned would break your heart.  Since the earthquake we have traveled there many times.  I flew there right after the earthquake with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Later I traveled to Haiti with Reverend Franklin Graham (Samaritan’s Purse) and even Governor Sarah Palin.

I saw so many Americans pitching in to help — whether it was pulling rubble away looking for injured…or evacuating Americans…or delivering food and water…saving lives in cholera clinics….or even providing homes and education for orphans (I have been honored with the newest orphanage and school  being named the Greta Home and Academy.)

Tonight’s ON THE RECORD at 10pm SPECIAL will show you how a few can really make a difference.  I hope you are inspired by the big hearts and big effort of so many Americans to help people in terrible need.  If you donated even $5, you did a big thing.  It helped.

It is such a thrill to see Americans working together to help — regardless of party or background.   I don’t know about you, but I get sick of the political fighting in our country and so it is really fun to see people united for a common goal – just to help others.