Website for contractors turns the tables on difficult clients


It is the place where the customer is never right…a new website called! A Pennsylvania landscaper launched the site to help fellow contractors and give them a place to vent about bad customers…just like customers complain about bad contractors online.

Now, contractors have a website where they can look up the names of potential customers and if the customers appear on the list of offenders, the contractors know to stay away from them. The site even has titles for the customers’ offenses. There is “Freebie” – the client who asks for free extras. There is also the “Negotiator” – the client who agrees to a price, then tries to shave the price later. Contractors have to pay $15.00 a year for access to the site, but it could save them a lot more in the end and they get to stay anonymous.

What do you think about this site? Has anyone trashed you online? Post your thoughts!