Radio Powerhouse Laura Ingraham – what does she think about the President having the children with him today?

Laura Ingraham

The White House, per Jay Carney, objected earlier today to the President’s children being ‘used as pawns in a political fight’ [NRA’s new ad with reference to the President’s children] yet now the White House faces the allegation of hypocrisy for the President using other people’s children as props or political pawns during the President’s announcement today about his gun initiative.

What do you think think?

We will find out what Laura Ingraham thinks tonight on ON THE RECORD at 10pm.

By the way…my thought? NO CHILDREN.  No one should use them.  No one should use the President’s children to make a point or other people’s children as props for presidential announcements.  Children should be off limits – period.

And another thought…why do we need a study about violence?  What part of over saturation of violence in our culture and its impact don’t we intuitively know?  Do we really need a study?