Taxpayers foot the bill for $222,000 renovation of Secretary of the Interior’s bathroom


Talk about flushing money down the toilet…literally! Listen to this story of government waste! The Secretary of the Interior’s bathroom is worth $222,000! That is how much it cost to renovate the bathroom in the secretary’s private office!

That’s right – $222,000! That is your tax money! So what did you get for that price tag? Well, there is a $3,500 Sub-Zero refrigerator. Yes, a fridge in the bathroom! And there is a faucet that cost $689. The renovations were done in 2007 under President George W. Bush’s administration. The Interior Secretary at the time was Dirk Kempthrone. The renovations were the subject of an internal audit by the GSA. So what did the GSA have to say about the ridiculous expenses?

The audit report noted: “A number of the items incorporated into the renovation project call into question the need for luxurious materials.” Now that’s an understatement!

What do you think about footing the bill for the swanky bathroom? Post your thoughts below!