This makes me sick, how about you? HOLLYWOOD’s PATHETIC PRESS RELEASE – that they “stand ready to talk?” Give me a break…

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How dumb do they think we are? See below!

They “stand ready to be part of the conversation” about their money grubbing violence?  Why don’t they instead be decent and DO the right thing and now?  Why do they wait to talk?  Yes, I know…so that they can buy time and continue to roll out their over the top violence.  (And you know what ‘over the top’ violence is!  There is violence and there is ‘over the top violence!’)

And Hollywood wants to wait for some silly study that says violence is bad?  Really?  They need a study for that?  What kind of dim wit needs a study for this?  Have you seen some of the violence?  Do you need a study?  They need a study???

Do they think the American people are that dumb that they buy this dribble in this statement below?  

Why don’t they instead start policing themselves and be responsible to young people in this country?  Do they have to wait for silly chatter and silly studies to do the obvious ?  What do you think?

(And yes, if Americans stopped watching their movies, Hollywood would change….)


January 16, 2013


WASHINGTON — The following is a statement from the Independent Film & Television Alliance, Motion Picture Association of America, National Association of Broadcasters, and National Cable & Telecommunications Association on today’s announcement by the White House regarding gun violence:


“We support the President’s goal of reducing gun violence in this country. It is a complex problem, and as we have said, we stand ready to be part of the conversation and welcome further academic examination and consideration on these issues as the President has proposed.”


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