INSTEAD OF MAKING IT ONE DAY — how about every day?

It doesn’t take much to do something nice for someone.  It can be simple — even a text message to someone having a hard time for whatever reason.  That can mean a lot to someone.

I am grateful for those who participated in yesterday’s DAY OF SERVICE — but I could not help but think, why don’t we all make it an effort to do it everyday?  Just one day?  Have we gotten so lazy helping others that we have to create a day to remind people?   That feels like a contrived photo op to me (although I am grateful to anyone who does help someone even if it is only one day.)

By the way, I know many many many of you do kind things daily…..but there are those who are snarky (I have read your postings here.)  Those who are just plain snarky might find it more rewarding to spend their time being nice than snarky.  This doesn’t mean we can’t all have a moment when we are snarky – I can be – but there is big difference between a momentary or infrequent snarky comment and having it your habit like breathing.  And disagreeing doesn’t mean you are snarky — we should all love a good debate – but getting personal and insulting is snarky.