The silly media – giving more attention to Mrs. Obama’s hairstyle than the launch of Organizing for Action

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Yes….the media can be silly (and yes, I can be guilty too.)

“…On Friday, [Mrs. Obama] threw herself into her husband’s new effort to organize supporters, introducing the group, Organizing for Action, in an announcement video. (The effort did not seem to garner as much attention as her new hairstyle, which set off headlines like “Michelle Obama’s Bangs Are a Total Shock to the System.”) [from New York Times today]

By the way, to those who don’t like the First Lady for whatever reason, as First Lady, she has taken on a serious health issue that was bold because it sure offended many: childhood obesity.  She could have taken on something like a new garden of roses some place — but instead she took on an issue that is tough and serious.  Obesity is the “slow killer” — and it also has an enormous impact on our health care costs as the children grow up (plus obese kids get taunted by classmates.)  Plus – there is such a heartbreak for family and friends when people die early and obesity does cause many health issues.  So…give her credit for not taking the easy route (flower gardens!)