Democrats worried about Governor Susana Martinez in 2016? This is the first sign….


See below a press release sent to me..ask yourself why?  worried?  so start this early?

I have no idea whether the information in the press release below is true or not…or, if true, whether Governor Martinez had her husband’s permission or not (and whether that makes a legal difference) ….but I do know that the fact this press release was sent to the national media (me) means that the Democrats are worried about Governor Martinez in 2016.  This was not just distributed statewide – but nationally.   

I have no idea the Governor’s plans in 2016 (I did spend the day interviewing her for ON THE RECORD at 10pm in December in New Mexico), but she does appear to be a 2016 contender.  She dazzled the crowd at the Republican Convention (see her speech on YouTube) and my guess is that this is a strong potential for the Republican Party.  (Yes, much can happen between now and 2016.)

When the national media starts getting press releases like the one below about a state candidate, it is a red flag.  It does suggest to me who a party may worry about in the next election. 

What do you think?

Governor Martinez violated the election code. She signed another person’s name on an application to vote.  That’s against the law and they call it voter fraud.  But, when Secretary of State Dianna Duran got word, she decided to cover it up and for two years they did.  When we got word, we decided to take action.Last week, we met with the Attorney General’s Office and asked them to investigate the Secretary of State for failing to act.A few days later, they asked the Secretary of State for information. Instead, she and the governor went to the Albuquerque Journal this weekend telling them they did nothing wrong.  But the story they told the Journal isn’t all true. 

We’ve been investigating this for months.  Here’s what we know:

  • Governor Martinez signed her husband’s name on an absentee ballot application.  That’s a violation of the Election Code (NMSA1-6-4(C)) in effect at the time.  And she admitted it to the Journal.
  • The county clerk recognized the fraudulent signature and turned it over to the Secretary of State.
  • The Secretary of State is required by law to notify law enforcement when she learns of Election Code violations.  She didn’t.
  • Instead, she gave the ballot application back to the governor and covered it up.


The law is clear, but their story is not.  The public deserves the whole story – not the cover up story. 

Unlike the Secretary of State, we aren’t hiding the documents.  We published them, alongside the law, so you can judge for yourself.

Visit right now, to read the documents. Then ask the Attorney General and Dona Ana County District Attorney to do what the Secrtary of State never wanted them to do: investigate.





We’ve been investigating this for months.  We got the documents and interviews with people –including the County Clerk – the Journal never got.  We won’t let them spin a false narrative and cover up their actions.  Learn what we’ve done to expose Susana’s Secret, and then help us keep the spotlight on this case.  Click to learn how you can help!