Please see what this Retired Navy Seal posted on GretaWire in response to my posting about Sudan and President Bashir

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* update – in case any of you are as confused as one person is on this posting (see comments) — my comment to the blogger specifically refers to two things: 1/ his personal experience and 2/ that he served our nation as a Navy Seal.  Isn’t that pretty clear? One blogger took it a step further and with her vivid imagination wrote in her posting that I was saying the Administration has no moral values.  Go figure.  She should go back and read my comment.  As an aside, while I am trying to draw attention to this humanitarian crisis, what is her goal? 

As an aside, I don’t know the answer to solving this humanitarian crisis — but at least our leaders should be talking about it (not ignoring) and include the world in on this.  How much longer can everyone ‘look the other way?’

The level of cruelty is breathtaking….plus, if you tell me we can’t police the world, consider this:  Al Qaeda got its start in Sudan….and President Bashir is under indictment for war crimes and is hiding out in Sudan…and that Sudan is supply weapons to President Assad in Syria to kill his civilians….and there is so much more…

There are solutions short of military action — Reverend Graham pointed out to me that if the military runways got disabled (relatively simple), the Sudanese planes could not get off the ground to drop their bombs on their civilians.  It is not the Sudanese Army (they are easily defeated by the rebels…I saw remnants of that when I was there) – but the Air Force.  If you make it impossible to fly planes to drop bombs, you go very far towards helping these people.

The civilians are NOT looking for US money — they just want to be left alone to farm their land and live their lives.