President Obama’s email message to his supporters (does not sound like he plans to work together with his political opponents …or does it?)


See blue text below…yes, he is President and he gets to set the Presidential agenda…but it does not appear from the blue text below that he intends to consider what his political opponents (and about 1/2 the country) might want to say.  Input from political opponents is important and has value.   One thing ALL our politicians (Repub and Dem) need to remember is that once elected, they represent everyone (not just those who voted for them) and thus the need to consider (not necessarily agree and accept) various opposing viewpoints, ideas and solutions.

Friend —


I just renewed my oath of office to serve as your president for four more years.


Thank you for making this possible. It’s an honor to be your president.


Now it’s time to finish what we started — let’s get going.




P.S. — Organizing for Action is the next step in our grassroots movement and will be crucial to finishing what we started. If you haven’t already, say you’ll be part of it.