State Department Briefing on Keystone Pipeline (sent to me by FNC’s Guerin Hays)

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Transcript of State Dept Briefing on Keystone Pipeline



JANUARY 22, 2013


NULAND: All right, everybody. Happy Tuesday.

I hope everybody enjoyed the long inaugural-Martin Luther

King weekend. I have nothing at the top. Let’s go to what’s on

your mind.

QUESTION: Can we start with…


QUESTION: Let’s go with Keystone, if you don’t mind, just

to get it out of the way.

As you know, Nebraska has effectively, you know, given a

nod to the proposed route. Do you guys have now a judgment on


NULAND: Well, we did receive a letter from the governor of

Nebraska approving the route through the state of Nebraska. We

will obviously take that letter and the Nebraska environmental

report into consideration as we continue our federal review


I think we said last year that we expected that this

process was going to take us through the first quarter of 2013.

So just to reiterate that we don’t anticipate being able to

conclude our own review before the end of the first quarter of

this year.

QUESTION: Do you expect to have a decision by the end of

the first quarter?



NULAND: Beyond saying that we don’t expect to be ready

before the end of the first quarter, I think we need to let our

folks continue to do the work that they’re doing. Obviously,

Nebraska just finished. As I said, we have to take that work

and crunch it into our own work.

QUESTION: But you’re not ruling out that it could slide

into the second quarter?

NULAND: Again, let’s just stick with where I am right now,

that we certainly don’t see it before the end of the first

quarter, OK.

QUESTION: And does this (inaudible) change the — the

timeline in any way? Does this make it more complicated to make

a decision?

NULAND: Well, we were waiting for Nebraska to make its

decision. Our — our processes move in parallel. We’ve been

doing our own work. But had Nebraska changed the route or done

something else, that certainly would have been complicating.

I think we obviously want to take the Nebraska

environmental study, we want to compare it with the work that

we’ve done. So — but, you know, I think we are still where we

said we were, which was that we don’t anticipate completing

before the end of the first quarter. OK?

QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) think you did by saying, you know, if

they go in (inaudible). Could you see where (inaudible) efforts

converge with the state effort (inaudible)?

NULAND: Well, as you know, we had to do a new review of

the environmental impact of this in light of some of the

comments that we received. So we took the first review that

we’d done, we are expanding it, and looking at it.

The state of Nebraska has itself done an environmental

impact study, so that can inform the updating of our federal one

now. And that is a necessary part of this interagency process

that the State Department leads on behalf of the president

before a license can be issued.