Utah juice bar charging liberals more for smoothies


Forget wheat grass and protein powder! A popular Utah juice bar is adding a dash of politics to its smoothies. Get this – the owner is charging customers who identify themselves as “liberal” higher prices. Customers who admit their liberal leanings have to pay an extra dollar for their smoothies! Why the extra charge? Owner George Burnett says liberal policies are bankrupting our country, so he wants to raise money for conservative causes.

How do customers feel about the so-called partisan tax? Some say they love their smoothies and will support the juice bar no matter what! Others disagree, saying it is not right to punish people for their opinions.

You will hear much more from juice bar owner George Burnett when he joins us tomorrow night ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET.

Right now we want to know what you think – would you pay extra for a smoothie to stand up for your political party? Post your thoughts!