Footlong sandwich controversy sparks lawsuit against Subway


It’s the latest cheating scandal taking sandwich lovers by storm! Subway’s famous footlong subs may not really be a foot long. The controversy went viral after an Australian man posted a Facebook photo of a sub measuring only 11 inches. Now two New Jersey men are suing Subway! Their suit seeks compensatory damages and a change in Subway’s practices. The plaintiff’s lawyer says the company should either make the subs exactly 12 inches long or stop advertising them as footlongs. He says he has measured sandwiches from 17 New Jersey-area shops and every single one came up short. “The case is about holding companies to deliver what they have promised,” the lawyer says.

Subway has not commented on the lawsuit, but after the scandal started the company said the sandwich length can vary when franchises don’t bake the bread to the exact corporate standards.

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