Leaving a high profile post …

I bet if you got together a bunch of people who have served in high profile jobs, whether Republicans or Democrats, they would all tell you that they feel great relief leaving them.  It isn’t that they didn’t enjoy the jobs (they did), but rather that being in the spotlight can be exhausting (everything you say or do is dissected and analyzed)….and most high profile jobs have extremely long hours and can have lots of pressure / responsibility.  I bet those who leave high profile jobs, while missing their jobs a bit, love that they can sleep a full 8 hours……and see family more frequently and say pretty much what they want without having it dissected and analyzed.

And on another note…some people are lousy at retiring and hate it while others are great at it.

Here are questions for you: if you are not yet retired, do you think you would enjoy retirement? or would you get bored? what would you do every day?