Interviewing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – and the reaction by some


I read the below about my upcoming interview with Secretary Clinton:

“…What a media era we live in where Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren will have to pull her punches with outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she’s to avoid being pilloried by everyone else in media. My guess, though, is that Greta will go for it and that we’ll learn more from her interview Tuesday night than we will from all the other networks combined…”   Click here

My thought? I have not thought specifically about the interview but you all can expect it will be like all my interviews.  I do it my way.  I am neither going to “pull my punches” nor “go for it” – so the critics on both sides will have lots to say about me after the interview. :)  They will both be unhappy.   I regret that interviews are for some reduced to this pugilistic thinking.  I am not in a fight.  I am professional.

You can expect that I am going to do this interview like every other one I do with leaders – whether it be Prime Ministers or Presidents or Cabinet Members etc.  I am going to draw out information and also give the viewer a glimpse of the interviewee that you may not have seen or known.  You have even seen multiple interviews I have done with Secretary Clinton over the years (from USA to Afghanistan to Pakistan to Germany to Mexico to Haiti etc.) so you have a pretty good idea of what to expect.  

And because the world is such a big place, and because of the interview time constraints, I necessarily need to limit the interview to a few very important hot spots.  As you know, these are very serious times for Americans and for the world. 

If you like the previous interviews I have done with Secretary Clinton or other political leaders, you will like this one.  If you don’t, you be dissatisfied.  

Remember: I have only 12 minutes and this is a historic moment: a Secretary of State steps down.