MESSAGE TO ALL POLITICIANS: Time to “man up” and go on all the networks – CNN, MS/NBC and Fox! All politicians will be treated with respect

Contrary to what some think, I think all politicians who appear on networks (MS/NBC, CNN or Fox) will be treated with respect – regardless of party or network.  Politicians should go on all the networks and engage in debate…challenge the anchors….debate the issues….debate is good for democracy.  We all learn from debate.  And isn’t it more fun to engage in a discussion with people with different ideas from your own than to talk to people who are mirror images of you?

Politicians should not be afraid of or intimidated by anchors – anchors are fun to challenge.  Give it a shot!  Chances are the politicians and anchors will then get to know each other and perhaps that will take some of the steam out of the air.

If it turns out someone on a network is a jerk and is rude then I agree – don’t go back.  But politicians should give it a shot…I really think all the anchors on all the networks will be polite.