Senator Harry Reid on the Senate Floor about bipartisan proposal on immigration reform

Harry Reid

Below are rough notes from my FNC colleague Kara Rowland:


Subject: Reid: “There’s no reason we should not pass comprehensive immigration reform immediately”


From his remarks on the Senate floor just now ahead of the 2:30 press conference.


Reid highlights:

Applauds these eight senators

This is a positive first step … but the true test will be path to comprehensive bill

I pledge I’ll do everything in my power as a majority leader to get a bill across the finish line

Nothing short of bipartisan success

Thanks Obama for his leadership and for making immigration reform a top priority

Pleased he’ll present his own ideas in Vegas tomorrow

There’s no reason we should not pass comprehensive immigration reform immediately.

Successful immigration reform cannot be piecemeal it must make a path to citizenship for 11m undocumented

Must continue to secure borders, punish employers who exploit them, requires undocumented to register with govt, learn English, pay taxes, go to back of the line

The framework presented by bipartisan group meets these criteria

I hope they will have legislation soon to go through committee process

For years Democrats have been willing but Republicans not ,… I’m glad things have changed



Kara Rowland

Capitol Hill producer, Fox News