High school principal and parents at war over toilet paper!


The principal’s new toilet paper policy is making students and parents at a Pennsylvania school mad! So what is the controversial policy? There is no more toilet paper in the boys’ bathrooms. If they boys want to take a bathroom break, they have to sign out toilet paper from the front office.

Why the drastic measure? The principal says students were vandalizing the bathrooms – stuffing the paper in toilets and streaming it all over the floor.

But parents say the new rule is appalling! One parent says: “It’s barbaric. It’s a barbaric thing to come up with. It’s embarrassing our kids. It’s embarrassing. We have how many kids down at that school that are so shy, you know. It doesn’t make sense to me. Prisoners are treated better and that’s sad.”

So what do you think of the school’s new toilet paper policy? Post your thoughts!